About Us

Founded in 1997 by Joyce Adams, Miles of Smiles is growing and becoming one of the largest equine riding programs of Southwest Kansas. Our team of hard-working horses provides equine assisted activities to a diverse group of riders during our lessons. This includes assisting individuals with disabilities such as Down syndrome, autism, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, amputation, mental and physical disabilities, attention deficit disorder and more.

Therapeutic riding helps develop self-awareness and self-confidence, improvement in concentration and fine motor skills, and physical benefits including muscle strengthening and stretching. Our horses provide the rider with a feeling of freedom and independence that may limit them in everyday life.




Our Team

 Mackenzie Nix - Interim Director 


Board of Directors

President - Brian Bahl (3rd Term)

Vice President -   (2nd Term)

Secretary - Lisa Frey (3rd Term)

Treasurer - Sue Weller (4th Term)

Members -

  • Lisa Theye (5th Term)
  • Tim Telinde (2nd  Term)
  • Liz Morgan (2nd  Term)
  • Anne Combs (1st Term)
  • Lila Bond (1st Term)

Facility Manager - Brad Weller (8th Term)

Equine Manager - Dale Theye (12th year with the organization)


Chelsea Boyd- Chelsea is a teacher in the Ulysses School District.  She moved to Southwest Kansas in the summer of 2017.  She comes from Lubbock Texas and Texas Tech University with a degree in Animal Science.  Chelsea is a PATH Certified instructor.  She has served at two riding centers before moving to Kansas, working on interships and volunteer coordinating.  She is new to our program and we are so excited to have her on board. 

Linda Seele- Linda is a mother to six children.  She has spent her past working with kids with disabilities and following her boys around as they learned to rope.  Her strong horse knoweledge and passion to help others is truly amazing.  Ask her about any John Wayne movies, she knows them all!

Karina Urias & Crystal Ramirez- Crystal and Karina co-teach once a week.  Both college students, they learned about Miles of Smiles through volunteering. After volunteering for a semester they decided to jump in and learn how to become an instructor.  Karina's fun spirit and Crystals knowledge of horses make the classes run smoothly. Both have plans for continuing to work at Miles of Smiles as they continue their studies at GCCC.